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Why the cold forging manufacturing process matters

Cold forging is a carbon and stainless steelsshaping and manufacturing process where a metal is shaped under high pressure at room temperature. Unlike its counterpart, hot forging, which heats the metal to high temperatures, cold forging minimises heating of the metal, ensuring no internal grain transformation due to heat. 

This results in the following advantages:

Strength and Durability:

Cold forging aligns the internal grain structure of the metal, enhancing its strength and fatigue resistance. This makes the end products more durable and long-lasting. 

Economic Efficiency:

The process requires less energy compared to hot forging, making it more cost-effective. Additionally, it often requires fewer secondary operations, saving you time and money.

Precision and Finish:

Cold forging allows for high precision in shaping the material. The end products have a superior surface finish, reducing the need for additional finishing processes.

Net material:

Cold forging produces net shapes or near net shapes saving material costs through waste avoidance.


Cold forging production is highly repeatable, accurate and consistent.

About AMC’s specialist cold-forged
nuts and fasteners

At AMC, we offer a diverse range of premium-quality nuts in stock and for small-batch manufacture. You can find out more about our product portfolio hereand  our surplus stock page here. Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to run short lead time batches tailored to your unique needs. If you cannot see the fasteners you require detailed on this website, call our team today to see how we can meet your needs.

Below are the typical categories of nuts we manufacture with typical applications explained:

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Self-Locking Nuts:

Self-locking nuts are designed with a unique internal mechanism to resist loosening under high vibration and torque. Their primary purpose is to ensure that assemblies stay tightly secured under the most dynamic conditions. Given the critical safety implications, especially in applications like aerospace and automotive, the quality of self-locking nuts is paramount to prevent component failure. 

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Flange Nuts:

Flange nuts have an integrated flange at one end that acts as an inbuilt washer. This design distributes the pressure of the nut over a larger area, reducing the risk of damaging the material being fastened. The need for high-quality flange nuts is vital, as they often find applications in high-stress scenarios where even distribution of pressure and load is essential to prevent material warping or failure.

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Projection Weld Nuts: 

Projection weld nuts are specialised fasteners with multiple projections on the mating surface, that are designed to be welded onto another component. They are primarily used when one side of the nut cannot be easily accessed for tightening or when an assembly requires a permanent bolted connection. High-quality weld nuts ensure a strong, consistent weld, reducing the risk of joint failures and ensuring the longevity of the assembled parts.

The gold standard of manufacturing

AMC operates a Quality, Cost, and Delivery strategy in our manufacturing processes. This ensures we are focused on producing top-grade, defect-free products (Quality), ensuring optimal resource utilisation for competitive pricing (Cost), and consistently meet our delivery timelines to uphold customer trust (Delivery). This approach to efficiency ensures customer satisfaction and robust business performance.

Clients we serve

From the automotive and security industry to blue-chip supply chains, AMC's product capabilities serve a vast spectrum of businesses across the UK and Europe who are committed to sourcing high-quality products from local manufacturers. Our commitment to tailored solutions ensures businesses of all scales and industries find reliability and perfection in AMC products.

Leading the way with British manufacturing excellence since 1977

Behind AMC’s exceptional products lies a highly-skilled team – a blend of seasoned craftsmen and innovative young talent. Each member brings knowledge, passion, and determination to deliver exceptional quality to our clients. Their relentless drive for quality makes AMC not just a supplier but a partner in your success, whether you're seeking a standard solution or a bespoke order. Most of our new business is generated through referrals – a testament to the quality workmanship our team is dedicated to delivering. AMC is part of Futures UK Group - a network of thriving manufacturing and construction businesses that leverage commercial synergy and work collaboratively to meet our customers’ procurement needs.

Your trusted source of quality and excellence in nuts and fasteners

We understand that in your business, quality is not just a preference, it's a necessity. That's why at AMC, quality isn't just a part of our process, it's our ethos. It’s exemplified by our ISO9001 Quality Management System so you have peace of mind knowing your supplies are being manufactured to the highest possible standards.

ISO9001:2015 Quality System

BSI membership number FM519214

AD 2000 - Merkblatt W 0/TRD 100

Directive 2014/68/EU Annex 1, Chapter 4.3 for Nuts

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ISIR Certification

Initial Sample Inspection Report.

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In House Inspection & Testing

Testing & Inspection Facilities including Proof Load & Hardness Testing.

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3.1 Certification EN10204:2004 3.1

Certification for Raw Material & Mechanical properties.

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Level 5

PPAP Documention to Levels 1-5

Our ethical supply chain commitment

At AMC, our sourcing strategies are driven by the need to offer our clients full transparency and an ethical supply chain solution. We conscientiously select our raw material suppliers, ensuring compliance with government sanctions and restrictions. Every product we manufacture at our factory in Corby, Northants, has full traceability. We also champion local sourcing, strengthening our community ties and offering a reduced carbon footprint.


Simplify your engineering challenges with AMC today

Step 1 - Share Your Vision:

No matter how complex or unique, our solution-oriented team is ready to work with your designs to find a bespoke solution tailored to your specifications.

Step 2 - Review & Collaborate:

We believe in teamwork. We work with our customers' design to assist with or achieve design for manufacture, ensuring quality and cost efficiencies. Your success is our mission, and your satisfaction our highest reward.

Step 3 - From Concept to Reality:

With the plan approved, your bespoke parts move to production, under the watchful eyes of our seasoned team and stringent quality controls. Trust AMC's efficient processes to ensure timely delivery, allowing you to focus on what you do best: ensuring the efficient manufacture of your products.

Dont cut corners with quality and safety 

Wrong choices can lead to dangerous equipment failiures and increased costs. AMC eliminates these risks. With our proven track record and deep industry knowledge, we guarantee safety and reliability.
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